About Voices for Children

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Voices For Children is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) created to help meet the unique and often critical financial needs of the children assigned to the Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Program. Additionally, we support the recruitment, training, and retention of Guardian ad Litem volunteers.  

Voices for Children is comprised predominantly of volunteers. More than 93% of the funds raised by the organization provides support of our mission statement. 

We receive GAL volunteer requests to provide basic things like sneakers and clothing, as well as funding for more serious specialized medical or dental treatment, psychological evaluations, and counseling for those children placed in the custody of the state of Florida and have a Guardian ad Litem appointed by the court.

Voices for Children has recently been able to help these children achieve some normalcy in their life through the generosity of two separate grants funding everyday things such as scouting, cheerleading, karate classes, prom tickets, year books, summer camp, and many more activities formerly denied to these children due to a lack of funding. 

The Florida Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program, which includes all twenty Circuits and sixty-seven counties, is leading the nation in its number of volunteers. However, the demand for volunteers continues to exceed resources.

Locally, there are thousands of children involved with area dependency courts. More volunteers are needed to advocate for these children and raise funds for the GAL program. To see up-to-date numbers, i.e. number of children and volunteers, please see the monthly reports on our Guardian ad Litem page. Fill out the form at the bottom of the contact page to become a volunteer.

Voices for Children conducts fundraising events in the five counties of Circuit 5: Citrus, Lake, Marion, Hernando and Sumter, and additionally work to secure grants.

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Board of Directors

Sue Carpenter
Vice President
Kathleen Cossey
Wanda Vogler
Jeffrey Cohen
Gae Pensabene
Alan Gouge
Jane Gouge
Sandy Caspers
Jill Schwartz
Kathy Davis
Marcia Hilty
Dianne Truett
Peg Donovan

Friends of Voices

Donna Alger
Carolyn Caffee
Eric Palhof
Lori Patterson
Debra Levy

Join Our Board of Directors

Join Voices for Children to assist neglected and abandoned children.

Requirements for board membership:

Reside in Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion or Sumter County
Participate in monthly board meetings with no more than 2 absences per year
Guardians ad Litem do not require background checks by Voices, all others applicants will need to complete.
Participate on a least one committee and assist with various events.
Provide your expertise from previous work and organization experience.

If interested contact:


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